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Sugar Type: White Crystal Sugar ICUMSA 45
Origin: Brazil
ICUMSA 45 Color Sparkling White Max 45 ICUMSA Attenuation
Units: ICUMSA Method Vo.4/1978
Polarization: 99.80% Min at 20 Deg. Centigrade
Solubility: 100% Dry/Free Space Fine Flowing
Moisture: 0.04% Max in Dry Weight Basis
Ash Content: 0.04% Max by Electrical Conduct
Granulation: Fine Standard 0.55cm-0.77cm/mm
Substance: Solid, Crystal
Magnetic Particles: 4 Max Mg/Kg
Radiation: Normal w/o Presence of Cesium or Iodine
Reducing Sugar: 0.04% Max by Weight
Sediments: None
Smell: Free of Any Smell
HPN Staph Aureus: Nil
SO2: 10Mg/Kg Max
Max AS: 1.P.P.M
Max PB: 0.1Mg/Kg Max
Max CU: 3.P.P.M
Mold: 10 in 1gr Max
Yeast: 10 in 1gr Max
Mesophyl Aerobic Bacteria: 100 in 1gr Max
Crop: Current or Latest
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